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i-touch exhibitions

i-touch exhibitions is an exhibition stand building company that specializes in technology, the technology is digital, inter-active & 3D holographic, which is designed to attract attention, entertain the audience & most important the public will remember long after they have the stand / area.

i-touch exhibitions will design & create the content (software) for you in-house as we employ a  various creative team ranging from graphic designers, 3D animators, flash & web developers. Some of the programs that we use are:
3D cad, 3D max, full adobe creative suite CS5, auto-cad, vector works, & maya.

Advantages of building technology exhibition stands:

  • Reduce printing costs.
  • Digital is fully re-usable & can be stored easily.
  • Digital graphics can be changed remotely so graphics & themes may change on a daily basis.
  • Digital graphics can be fixed or variable
  • Digital advertising is more visually appealing
  • To maximise your company exposure at the exhibition or event

In marketing your company, the key is to maximise on your 5 sense being smell, sight, taste, sound & touch concludes the use of all of the 5 senses.

i-touch Solutions

i-touch Technology

i-touch Furniture

i-touch exhibitions has successfully incorporated digital, inter-active & 3D holographic technology into exhibition stands to give the stand a completely different look & feel.
  • Couches
  • Ottomans
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Barstools