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Frequently Asked Questions in the Exhibition Industry in South Africa

I-Touch Exhibitions answer the most commonly asked questions in the exhibition industry in South Africa.

Find out what questions you should ask your exhibition stand builder?

What is the difference between system and custom exhibition stands?
- System exhibition stands are created out of a modular aluminium profile called Octanorm, Maxima or Unibox, and is a more cost-effective solution than custom stands. 
- Custom exhibition stands are purely created out of wood/timber and are more labour intensive to manufacture.
Can I re-use a Custom Exhibition Stand?
Custom exhibition stands are generally not meant for re-use, however, we can design and build your next exhibition stand for re-use in mind. However, the cost of storage, refinishing, transport and rebuilding is a factor to also consider. If the stand is to be used more than once it is important that we know this at the initial design stage so that we can cater for this requirement. There are also always limits on the number of times that a custom stand can be reused.
Why do I need to provide you with a budget and how do I know what to spend on my next exhibition stand build?
Exhibition stands manufacturing comprises a wide range of materials and finishes. These vary largely in cost. So, if we don’t have a budget in mind then we can miss your requirement, either by designing something which is beyond your budget or by not giving you the high-quality finish you desire. Your budget is very important and will instantly tell us what is possible and what materials we should use for your stand, we will also know what technology to incorporate into the exhibition stand, anything is possible, it all depends on budget.

Depending on I-Touch Exhibitions South Africa's order book and the size of the stand, the lead time is generally 7-10 working days. Larger double story or more complex stands can take a little longer or up to around 2 to 3 weeks. The more time that we have allows our design team to fully consider all aspects of your exhibition stand, competitor analysis and ensures that you get exactly what you need. So we suggest that we start the exhibition stand design process as soon as possible.
We own a number of unique, innovative interactive technology solutions. We can recommend the best technology solutions that will get you the best return on investment for your company and brand based on your stand goals, requirements, budgets and the industry that you are in. Whether you after digital screens or video walls to provide flow, movement and motion on your stand- allowing you to create a stop and stare effect at your exhibition stand, or are in search for a more interactive personal approach such as a touch screen to allow customers and guests to view or email themselves a digital brochure, or going fully futuristic with a minority report style display such as a transparent digital OLED touch displays or gesture-based solution. You can even take your guests on an Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality journey such as a virtual tour of your manufacturing plant. The options and experiences are endless and the future is here now.
We suggest coming into our showroom and taking a look at what technology products we have to offer. This will give you first hand experience. We have a wide range or interactive, digital and 3D holographic technologies to choose from. 
How do I know what exhibition show or conference or tradeshow to attend?
Depending on what industry you are in will depend on what show you should attend, there are many different exhibitions, conferences and tradeshows happening in Johannesburg, Durban & Cape Town throughout the year. Contact the organiser of the show to find out more details or to book your floor space. 
What can I keep from using technology on my exhition stand/s?
All the technology hardware is sold on a hire/rental basis, however, all the software (content) is sold on a purchase basis. The idea is to simply hire the hardware for your next expo or event and use your existing software to reduce the costs in the long run.

How do I know what exhibition show or conferenece or tradeshow to attend?
Depending on what industry you are in will depend on what show you should attend, there are many different exhibitions, conferences and trade shows happening in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town though out the year. Contact the organiser of the show to find out more details or to book your floor space. 
When is a good time to brief my exhibition stand in?
The more time we have as exhibition stand builders, the better. 

  • 3 months (code green), 
  • 1 month (code orange),
  • 2 weeks (code red).

We urge you to make us aware of your stand as soon as possible, as it gives both the exhibiton stand builder and the client time to organise and plan the exhibition stand, as well as make changes to the design to accommodate the budget. 
How do I brief my custom or system exhibition stand in?
Ideally, we would like to meet with our clients to take a brief, but to speed up the process please complete the briefing form & send email this back to . It normally takes 7-10 working days to complete a stand design & quote. 

What if I need help moving and storing items before and after my exhibition stand on a temporary basis?
There will be an extra cost to do this depending on the items, please contact your project manager for assistance. 
What happens to my exhibition stand after the expo, trade show, conference or event is finished?
Normally all custom exhibition stands get discarded after the expo or event. All electrical, flooring, furniture is put back into stock to re-use for the next client. If you would like to keep your exhibition stand, please make sure your project manager is aware of this as soon as possible.  
More "Frequently Asked Questions" will be available soon, so remember to check out our page for regular updates.